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i was sad all day and then i reblogged robots and i’m still sad but a happy sad



screencap meme - Optimus + quote (x)


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distant corridor


distant corridor

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Today’s sketch brought to you by WheelRatchet Inc.


Today’s sketch brought to you by WheelRatchet Inc.

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Some more TFP Shockwave GIFs, requested by catbug777~

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✧Chiyo✧: all up in bosoms
Tyrannatherapist Rex: slowly groping all of my friends
✧Chiyo✧: i guess we could call ourselves
Tyrannatherapist Rex: CHIYO DON'T
✧Chiyo✧: Bosom
✧Chiyo✧: Buddies
Tyrannatherapist Rex: CHIYO
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I want a thing where Sam and Steve move in together. And sometimes Steve sleeps on the couch because he just needs to be alone, and Sam understands and he’s okay with that. All he does is buy a more comfortable couch. 

And when they find Bucky and Steve coaxes Bucky into coming back with them, Sam doesn’t even hesitate to make up the couch. And it’s a few days before Steve realized that he just brought the Winter Soldier into Sam’s home—their home without even asking, and he gets Sam aside one morning when he’s making eggs and wraps him arms around him and goes to apologize and instead

he just says thank you. Because he realizes he doesn’t need to apologize because if Sam wasn’t comfortable with it he would have said so, because Sam is capable of making up his own mind and voicing his own opinions. And Sam just grins and asks how Bucky takes his eggs, and Bucky just stares off into the distance while Steve answers for him. 

And later on Sam explains that there was really nothing to think about because Bucky is Steve’s best friend and despite everything, he knows that’s what important for Bucky to have right now—friends. And he stresses it plural, friends to let Steve know that he’s there for Bucky too however he can be, and together they try to make Bucky feel safe and secure and vehemently defend him from anyone who tries interfere with that.

Also, Sam probably makes some sort of joke about getting double senior discounts at restaurants with them around.  


Hello hi I am making a post asking for donations.

Not money, though. I need fabric. All kinds of fabric. Solids, prints, whatever.

Basically, I’m planning on making nerdy and fandom pillows at my first artist’s table this winter, and I need to build up my inventory.

I’m asking for fabric donations, because I don’t make a lot of money (I am currently making just enough to cover bills :D). I wish I could offer something in return for donations, but I sadly don’t.

I’m just wanting to break out as a convention artist, so any help would be appreciated.


all we want is a good remake of the first silent hill game

just a remake giving it better graphics so Harry’s face isnt a potato and his hands arent mittens

none of that frozen and running from fetus monsters bullshit

just a remake with better graphics

i remade it so now silent hill 1 is perfect

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